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Clinics & Services

Here you can find out the services and clinics we hold at our practice.

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Antenatal clinic

Booking-in and follow-up Appointments with the Community Midwives. Time: Tuesday – 1.00pm- 3.00pm

Asthma reviews

Annual review of all established asthmatics. Daily and evening appointments are available for asthma reviews with our Practice Nurse, Sister Lyons. Please ring 01942 481905 to organise your appointment.  

Blood tests

This service is now available 5 days per week at a number of community clinics in the Wigan & Leigh area. The service operates on an appointment only basis, which ... [continue] Blood tests

Cervical smears

All women between the ages of 25 and 65 are regularly invited for a smear test. The system is automated, so as long as you are registered with a GP, ... [continue] Cervical smears

Child health surveillance

Health check for new babies and an opportunity to discuss any concerns with GP’s and Practice Nurses. Appointments are sent out in the post inviting patients for this check. Time: ... [continue] Child health surveillance

COPD annual reviews

Annual Review of all established COPD Patients and Spirometry (Lung Function Tests) Spirometry is performed by appointment with a Practice Nurse on the request of a GP. COPD reviews are ... [continue] COPD annual reviews


Access to counsellors Self-Referral Forms are available from the GP, Practice Nurse or at the reception. If there are any serious or ongoing mental health concerns please see a GP ... [continue] Counselling

Diabetes clinic

Follow- Up Clinic for New or Established Diabetic Patients Various appointments available throughout the week. Initially, patients are invited for routine blood tests. Following this, the practice nurse will offer ... [continue] Diabetes clinic

Ear Syringing

(For Removal of Ear Wax) By Appointment Only with a Practice Nurse. Patients should have seen a GP first to have their ears examined and should use wax softening drops ... [continue] Ear Syringing

Family planning clinic

Full services including pill checks, depot-contraception, implants and coil fittings available See any GP to discuss/commence contraception. See Doctor A. Elislam to discuss implants and coil fittings. You can also ... [continue] Family planning clinic

Flu vaccinations

Annual Influenza Vaccination Patient Information coming soon.


Routine / Travel Vaccinations By Appointment Only with a Practice Nurse. Childhood Vaccinations are performed at the Baby Clinic Only.

Ischaemic Heart Disease Clinic

Annual Review of Patients with an established history of Heart Disease or Heart Attack Various appointments available throughout the week. Initially, patients will be invited for a routine blood test. ... [continue] Ischaemic Heart Disease Clinic

Minor surgery

Dr. Elislam runs the minor surgery clinics. This service is for small skin lesions, cysts, moles and warts. These are treated by surgical removal or cryotherapy. Joint injections also available. ... [continue] Minor surgery

Well person checks

Well Person Checks / Health Queries Discuss any concerns with a GP or Practice Nurse during a routine appointment,