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Frequently asked questions……

My Partner and I share the same email address. Will it be OK to use the same one for both of us? –Every login must have a unique email address, so you cannot share them. Getting an email is free with many services.

Can I order repeat prescriptions from askmyGP? – No, this should be done through the prescription service provided by your practice. Please see the prescriptions section of their website.

Can I use askmygp in an emergency? – No – please contact the practice or the emergency services

Can I make a request for someone else? – Yes. First register yourself as a user at the practice where the person who needs help is registered. Once you are registered, there is an option to select ‘I am asking as a Parent or Carer.’ From here you can register the patient registered at the practice using their name, DOB and gender. You only have to do this the first time you put in a request for them. People over 16 should register in their own right.

Can I use askmygp to book appointments? – Yes askmyGP is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with your GP. They will contact you the same day (within working hours) to resolve your request. This might be via message, telephone or by face-to-face appointment that day – depending on the need as determined by your GP. If your request is posted after 5.30pm, then we may respond the following day.