Make an Appointment?

You are free to see the doctor or nurse of your choice, but it is helpful to continue follow up for ongoing health concerns with the same clinician where possible.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, initially we will offer telephone appointments.  The Doctor will then decide if he needs to see you face to face.

To arrange morning or evening appointments contact reception by phone (01942 481905) . Please bear in mind that  routine appointments are ten minutes long and for one patient only.

Emergency appointments are offered where someone is thought to have become acutely unwell and cannot wait for review until the next free routine appointment. Please request these only where such rules apply as they have a knock-on effect on surgeries and can lead to delay for other patients who have booked appointments in advance.

Booking Online Appointments

This service is temporarily switched off.  Normal service will resume soon.

If you use this service and discover there are no appointments free, please telephone the practice, as the receptionists will be able to access additional appointment slots, which cannot be obtained on the internet.

However, as interest grows, there will be more appointment slots available to online users.

To begin the process:

1.  You must attend the Practice during normal surgery hours and bring along with you proof of identity – for example: birth certificate, driving licence, passport, utility bill with your name and current address printed on it.

2.  The receptionist will then generate a welcome letter for you from our clinical computer system.

On this letter will be instructions on how to create your own account with “Patient Access” (which is the website where our appointments can be booked).  You must follow the instructions on the letter in order to complete the process.

Home Visits

Home visits are solely allocated to those who are elderly or infirm and hence unable to get to the surgery.

Wherever possible doctors ask that patients be brought to the surgery for review where their complete medical records are accessible and there are better facilities to instigate thorough examination and treatment.

Inappropriate requests for home visits may be rejected.

All requests for home visits should be phoned in by 11.00am.

Patients should note that they are not guaranteed to see the doctor of their choice on home visits.